Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Edge Game

It's all around!

Have you ever got the impression that safety is an unreachable status, even inside your own house? The truth is that most people don't realize the amount of perils surrounding them in their daily life. But if you bought this game, it means you're not one of them. You are probably a reasonable person with a sharp sense of responsibility, good looks, an IQ above the average and that enjoys having a safe good time.

Tired of being in the corner?

Did your friends stop attending your parties because they got bored to death with your entertainment skills? Don't despair, you just found the solution for your socializing issues. With this game, you will instantly get under the spotlight. People are all going to wish they were your friends when they find out you have it.

Ouch! That hurts!

Your pets, your children and your mother-in-law keep getting injured on that cheap design furniture of yours? Have you been cultivating your hatred for minimalist artists and international style architects over the years? The Almighty has just answered your prayers:

With The Edge Game™, you can turn your paranoias into real fun!

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